Research and Educational Outreach
Chemical Company



Managed research and educational outreach work for a manufacturer of the gasoline additive, MTBE. The program included conducting research projects concerning gasoline releases and impacts to public water supply wells, developing and presenting over 100 seminars on remediation of MTBE and related chemicals in North America and Europe, editing the MTBE Remediation Handbook, writing technical papers, organizing/editing 2001 and 2002 special oxygenated fuels issues of Contaminated Soil, Sediment & Water magazine, organizing and chairing conference sessions, analyzing the economics of MTBE remediation, participating in the MTBE work group of the Interstate Technology Regulatory Council, and participating in a workshop to develop research priorities for fuel oxygenates in groundwater for the California Department of Health Services.

Soil Vapor Extraction/Bioventing Engineering Manual, Course, and Course Handbook
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

Wrote a number of sections for this manual and served as technical editor of the document. Helped develop the outline and organization of the manual. Wrote sections on data needs and screening evaluations of soil vapor extraction/bioventing, bench‑ and pilot‑scale testing, biodegradation kinetics, and principles of contaminant transport. One of four instructors of a three-day USACE course offered in Baltimore and Omaha, covering sections on technology screening, pneumatic analysis, aboveground equipment selection, offgas treatment, case studies, and other topics. Wrote corresponding sections of the course handbook.

Multiphase Extraction Engineering Manual

Served as technical editor of the document and wrote section on technology selection.