MTBE-Contaminated Wells
New Hampshire Fuel Oil Company

Identified the likely source of MTBE contamination in private bedrock wells, which was not the accused fuel oil company but a vapor release from a gas station caused by backhoe damage to a vent pipe. The case settled favorably for the client.

Expert Witness (Pro Bono) For Residents Opposing a  Nearby
Quarry Expansion

Vermont Mobile Home Park

Evaluated documents and testified in court regarding the environmental impacts of an existing quarry operation and the potential impacts of a proposed quarry expansion. This included evaluating pumping test data, and analyzing the impacts of increased dewatering and blasting on nearby gasoline contamination sites, which would exacerbate contaminant transport in fractured bedrock to the park’s water supply well as well as other nearby private wells.

Contaminated  Well From a Fuel Oil Release
Vermont Resident

For a resident whose private well had become contaminated, demonstrated that the source of contamination was an off-site fuel oil release that was not adequately remediated. The case settled favorably for the client.

MTBE Plume Evaluation
Alleged Potentially Responsible Party

Expert consultant relative to an MTBE groundwater contamination plume from multiple sources.

MTBE Research
Oil Company

Researched literature regarding MTBE.