Northeast U.S. Bioreactor Marketing


Marketing bioreactors for treating MTBE, TBA, and other fuel oxygenates in groundwater at sites in the Northeast. Work includes making over 60 presentations to regulators, consultants, and underground storage tank owners, as well as making presentations at conferences; co-writing articles; developing proposals; and tracking bioreactor performance. Co-developed a brochure summarizing essential information about the bioreactors. More information is available at:

Market Analysis of Vapor-Phase Compound Specific Isotope Analysis
Microseeps, Inc.

Interviewed federal and state regulators, environmental consultants, and industry representatives to evaluate the market for vapor-phase compound specific isotope analysis.

Chemical Oxidation and Reduction Technology Marketing
Remediation Technology Vendor

Marketed ex situ and in situ chemical oxidation technology that converts organic contaminants to carbon dioxide and water, as well as an ex situ reduction technology that uses hollow-fiber membranes to deliver hydrogen gas to anaerobic bacteria that biodegrade highly oxidized compounds such as perchlorate and nitrate. Work included identifying leads, writing papers, making presentations, and developing marketing materials.